Plex can't see encfs mount

I had plex working reading media files from /mnt2/media/movies until I tried encrypting it with encfs.

For the last month, /mnt2/media/movies was just a plain old directory, nothing special about it. Yesterday morning, I decided to encrypt the directory so that I could back it up on Amazon’s cloud drive. I created an encrypted drive at /mnt2/media/.movies and mounted then created an unencrypted folder of the data with the following command:

ENCFS6_CONFIG=’/mnt2/media/.movies/.encfs6.xml’ encfs /mnt2/media/.movies /mnt2/media/movies -o allow_other

My fuse.conf file has this text in it:

mount_max = 1000


I am able to view the unencrypted data over Samba, but Plex can’t see the files. Since I can see it over Samba, I would think that means it should be visible to other processes as well.

Permissions for all directories are set to 755 and permissions for all media files is set to 744.

Plex is run as “plex_user” and I use user “noggin” when I log into Samba. But shouldn’t 755 for dirs and 744 allow everyone on the system to at least read the files?

I haven’t been able to solve this issue. I’ve abandoned this method and switched over to using crashplan instead. It is working well so far.