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hello, my question is about the all config files i have rockstor install on a 240gig ssd and this were i also install rockons i have also use the same drive for my config files.all is working well but i have notice that my plex config file has grown fairly large consuming more space. so my question is should i have put my config file some were else.thanks

Unfortunately, yes.
The plex config directory contains the Plex library metadata including posters, covers, albumart and generated thumbnails if you use thumbnail generation. (Mine is currently ~30Gb)
It can become quite sizeable depending on your library content.
I can’t think of any nice way to do this retroactively, short of disabling and removing the rockon, then installing it again from scratch.

A way to do it badly exists, though you’d have to figure out much of this on your own.
I’ve done this once on a plex install directly on the OS, but not running within a docker container (Rock-on)

Plex does provide a way to modify the storage location Related thread on plex forum here.
You could attach a new share to the existing Plex instance, using the spanner icon on the Plex rockon in System/Rockons, then migrate the existing Library/Application Support directory to this location.

Last time I did this, it required changes to the plex configuration file and the systemd service unit.
With the nature of Rock-ons, these would be overwritten on next start.
Based upon the thread linked above, it looks like Plex may have changed this recently, and dropped this into the plex DB (managed by Plex UI), which would make this a lot more viable to do against a docker container.

Hope this helps!

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yes this helps. so if i am understanding i need to choose a different place for my config folder i started with 25 gigs now i am at 90 thanks again for the reply

That’s correct.

If you have a small root pool, you’re best avoiding placing anything other than the main root install on it.

I think the best course of action for you at this point is to stop the plex Rockon, uninstall it, and then re-install using appropriate settings, then re-scan your media directories.


It would be a good idea to put this sort of info on the Rockon page and state roughly how big each file could become.

It does seem pointless having a big SSD drive with only the Rockstor install on it as i also like to keep everything together and got caught out with that file.

I have reinstalled Rockstor 4 times so far because of stuff like this


@Spiceworld Hello again.

We do have some write-ups with guides as to expected sizes. And every Rock-on is supposed to advise on a minimum size for the share used during install, ie the ‘i’ icon by for example Config Storage / Data Storage in the Plex example.
One such write-up is in the official docs under “Rock-ons with write-ups” and specifically “Plex Server Rock-on” sub section “Plex Shares”:

* Config Storage - minimum 20 GB
* Data Storage - room enough for your data and snapshots - minimum 100GB

If you notice any Rock-ons without advise in their ‘i’ icon tooltip then please submit an issue to this effect in our rockon-registry repo because it is as you point out, useful to know.

System / data separation, disk wise, is always a good idea but Rockstor’s UI doesn’t not enforce this, but it did originally however there were requests to remove this enforcement for flexibility reasons. There is always a balance between flexibility and ‘just enough rope’ in these kinds of juggles.

All true obviously, however i’m male and don’t read instructions :smile:

However if this was all put in the ‘i’ icon write up then maybe it would be more useful as in this case with Plex.

Just a thought :wink: