Plex-data share question (NOOB alert)

I have the Plex R-O up and running. Wasn’t difficult at all. But I do have a question and it comes from my lack of familiarity with plex and NAS in general.

There were two Plex specific shares created, plex-config and plex-data.

Is the plex-data share where I will create media specific folders to add movies, tv, home vid, etc?

I have read the Plex server Rock-on documentation about 10 times. And that’s how I understand it to work. I can make multiple shares if I want but Plex only needs one.

I just want to be sure before i go off and screw something up.


That is correct. The data share is where you would store your media. You should be good to go as long as you dont have Plex Pass, which I dont think R-O supports. Not sure how updates work either. I have Plex installed on a VM and that is pointing to Rockstor.

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That’s what I thought. :+1:

Just wanted to make sure before I went off all half cocked.


No Problem. Glad to help.

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