Plex DVR access to tuner

I’m trying to add a hauppauge USB tuner. Centos is loading up the drivers from what I can see, but plex can’t see the tuner. From what I can tell the docker isolates the hardware, so to enable access I need to give some permissions.


I’m not sure what the appropriate way is to add options to a docker to enable this, so it won’t break updates.

New to Rockstor, have worked with Linux over the years, but not a guru.

Interested if there is a proper way to add soemthing like this, or if there is a plan to add an ‘options’ section in docker config to manage this sort of thing. Probably not an often occurrence I guess.


I never sorted this out, so I’ve just installed Plex outside rockstor, that works and can see the tuner. I just needed to add the firmware file in /lib/firmware/ for the driver to work. The current kernel seems to only support one of the tuners - there is a patch upstream I have used on Ubuntu to get it working with both tuners, will just go with one tuner for the moment.

You will need a custom docker config and pass in an ENV variable to allow docker to see the USB device.
An example would be --device=/dev/ttyUSB0 to pass in USB0

Easiest way is to grab the current plex rockon config from then modify it by replacing the opts array in the plex container JSON object, with the below:

"opts": [

Then (with the Plex rockon uninstalled) copy/create the plex.json file in /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore/.

Once that is done go back into the RockOn area, click the refresh button in the top right corner and reinstall plex. (if you failed to uninstall first you will get an error while refreshing so ensure you follow the steps in order).

Thankyou for the info, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Plex outside the Docker is working ok, and has the added bonus of supporting the hardware acceleration feature (which doesn’t work inside a docker). Its just not quite as neat.

Appreciate the info though, hope it helps someone else as well.