Plex DVR permissions

I’ve setup Plex just fine on Rockstor and enabled the DVR functionality as well. However when I try to record something last night, Plex gave an error that it didn’t have write permissions to the directory.

The Plex Media pool I created has RWX to everyone and is owned by nobody. I’ve had no issues copying media to it.
The Plex Rockon is setup with the same PUID and GUID as my admin user account.
So shouldn’t this just work?

@Nathan_Brin Welcome to the Rockstor community.

The Plex Server Rock-on write up in our docs section sets the 2 Plex shares to have Owner and Group set to a plex user (created arbitrarily) and the rock-on is installed using that plex user’s UID (User ID) and GID (Group ID). You could try that arrangement.

Hope that helps.