Plex metadata scanner

I found a strange problem with metadata scanner of Plex.
At first it was working as expected directly after it was installed. When I rebooted rockstar it stopped to work.
I reinstalled it then tested to stop the rock-on and start it again with same behavior.

After some troubleshooting I found that if I login with ssh and “chown -R” the directory:
/mnt2/[Rock-Ons share]/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server
With the uid and gid that was specified in the Plex setup then the media scanner started to work again.

Anyone else have this issue or know what I did wrong.
After each reboot or start/stop Plex I need to change the owner to get this working.

Hello Fredrik,

Could you please verify the configuration of your Plex installation? For Plex you need at least three separate shares:

  • One shared by all rock-ons, e.g. /mnt2/rock-ons, owned by root:root;
  • One for Plex-specific configuration (library/logs), e.g. /mnt2/plex-config, which should have read/write permissions for the UID/GID running plex;
  • One or more shares holding the actual media files.

I have it set up like this and have never had permission issues with Plex.


Thx Steven,
I think this is where i messed up.
I have currently only one share where i stor all my rock-ons and i also point my config to this share.
This was owned by root.

As i’m sort of new to rockstor (even if i have linux knowledge) i would say this needs improvements to be more user friendly for users with even less skill then me :slight_smile:

That’s a good suggestion. The web interface should have displayed some warnings about assigning the same share multiple times, but this could be improved by e.g. disallowing the rock-on root share to be selected.

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