PLEX Rock-on loses its mapped share

I’m still having some problems with PLEX.

I have had it all setup and working, when all of a sudden the playback of media will fail. Both on my remote machines and in the PLEX UI.

After some looking around, with several restarts of PLEX, Rock-On and the server itself, I found that going into plex settings, the mapped share I had added, as per the instructions, had dissapeared.

So what looked like this:

Now looks like this:

I have tried re-adding the share several times, but it simply disapears all by itself again.

What could be happening?

That is strange @KarstenV. I really want to look at the logs for clues. Can you please send them over to

I have sent the logs.

Hi all

i have the same problem with loosing the mapping of the drive when i turn off and on the plex rock-ons.

did you find what the problem was??


I never got an answer, and didn’t use Plex for some time due to this problem.

But since then I have reinstalled Rockstor and re-enabled Plex, and it now works without problems (except the Rock-ons not allways starting together with the system on reboot).

Never got the original problem fixed though.

thanks for the reply