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I’m new to Rockstor and am trying to get Plex to work. I’ve read as much as I could and still cant’ see my library in Plex. I found article to add storage, but I’m dumbfound on how add this simple step. How can I find the Plex settings directory.

@rogerintx Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

We have a dedicated write-up in our docs for the Plex Rock-on. Have your already read that:

Also keep in mid that those little i icons often have hints within them that are actually fairly critical. We hope to break them out to always be visible as their info is often key to setting things up to start with.

Hope that helps.

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Hey. I appreciate you responding. I’ve been at it for two weeks and read it up and down and still can’t get it right. It just won’t see my content:

Hi @rogerintx ,

Would you be able to post a screenshot of your configuration summary for the Plex rock on? I’m talking about the table detailed at the bottom of the section of the docs linked below:

This way we will be able to see what your current settings are.
Thanks also for letting us know what Rockstor share you would like to use for your Plex library, this way we can make sure there is no misunderstanding when trying to help.


Thank You. I hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot for the screenshot.
To make sure I understand correctly: the media files you want to use are currently stored in your Rockstor share named “Media” or are they in a different folder?

They are in the Media/tv shows etc

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Another confirmation: what is the path that you entered when setting up the library in Plex UI? I’m referring to the equivalent of the following screenshot from our docs to which @phillxnet linked above:

I believe this is what I have:

I am unfortunately away from all of my systems for the next few days so I can’t try to reproduce it, but the screenshot in your original post looks very strange. It should have a label for the config directory and not the Rockon directory.
Did you enable the Rockon service with a Rockon root share before installing this Rockon? Technically that should not be possible but…

What version of Rockstar are you running? The latest test channel (5.0.8-0)?

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Hi @rogerintx ,

@Hooverdan once again made a very good and keen observation: something is odd with the variables listed in your Rock on settings. In particular, your screenshot only lists one share: “Media”. This is surprising as based on the Json definition file for that Rock on, there should be 2 of them:

  • “Config storage”
  • “Data storage”

See definition at

Are you presented with the selection of only 1 volume when installing that Rock on? I apologize I cannot check that myself on my end at the moment, unfortunately. It should look like the screenshot we have in our docs:

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This is the version of Rockstor that I am running.

These are my shares.

This is still very strange. I finally had time to spin up a 5.0.8-0 instance. When I start the installation of the plex Rockon, I get the same screen as @Flox described from the Documentation:

(don’t mind the share names I’ve used, they were from a different experiment).

I assume, for the Rockons root, you’re using that share from above rock-ons-root?

Like here (just with your share, instead of the one shown here):

On the off chance, something’s messed up, can you go the command line, either via the System Shell under the System Menu:


or, in case you’re using PuTTy to connect.

When using the UI based System Shell, let’s remove the Plex Rockon information from the database, refresh. and then retry the install.

Elevate your command prompt (when using PuTTY or some other terminal client, you can log on directly using the root user, so you don’t have to elevate your privileges like I am showing below):

su -
(it will then ask for the root password you defined when you first installed Rockstor)

Change to the Rockstor directory:
cd /opt/rockstor
Execute the Rockon/Rockon definition deletion:
poetry run delete-rockon Plex

It should give you a message like this:
The metadata for the Rock-On named Plex (id: 52) has been deleted from the database

Exit elevated command prompt:

Now go back to the Rockon screen and click the update button in the top right-hand corner.


Once the update has completed, try to install Plex again, and hopefully the correct “share” screen will pop up.

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Oh, one other thing. If you are on the stable subscription, I would recommend you update to 4.6.1-0, as there were a few bugs fixed since 4.5.8-0 (which was a Release Candidate prior to the stable version back then anyway).

The version I used above is for the testing channel. (, which is still a Release candidate, but so far has been fairly stable and contains many updates on underlying infrastructure and other packages.

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Thank you for time and help, but I’ve moved on from Rockstar and am no longer using it. In the new installation the “TV Shows” just don’t work for me so I’ve installed all videos under “Movies” which seem to work for now. Thank You