Plexpass and photo upload


As I have a “shiny” plexpass I have the possibility to upload photos. My photos is stored on my windows computer, but my plex now runs on the rockstor server. Is there a way to access the folders with plex on the windows computer? I tried to google it, but no luck, so if this is a easy task I’m sorry to “spam” the forum:)

Store Photos under your PMS media location?

Location can also be added as Sambalocation. so it will be easy to move pictures and edit them on the windows machine

@KaiHai Another option that might work for you is to run another Plex media server on your windows machine and configure it to have a Photos library of your locally stored photos. Once that Plex server is registered with your plex pass it can take the photo uploads. Any Plex client programs, ie on a mobile, should then see both servers. Bit more tricky to have remove access to them as they need to have different ports but possible.

This addresses your question of accessing the windows computer stored photos via the Plex system (multiple Plex servers) but you could also backup your windows files to a share on the Rockstor that is also used by the Rockstor Plex server.

I have assumed you are talking about the upload from for example a mobile device to a Plex server, if on the other hand you are talking about the upload / sync of a Plex library, say of your photos, to a cloud storage provider supported by Plex ie Google Drive, then installing another server on the windows machine also helps here as it could then cloud storage upload the photos. Presumably the Rockstor plex server could then sync these down, I’m not sure of that bit I’m afraid.

I wouldn’t mix the two methods for the same library, only one sync system should be active at once on a single library really.

Just popping this in as another option.

May just be simpler to run a single instance of a Plex Media Server on Rockstor and copy all your photos to the directory setup in it’s media share for you photos, then you get the added goodies of Rockstor. It could then handle the upload from the mobile devices and the cloud sync bit if need be. But this doesn’t address accessing your windows computer storage.

Hope that helps.


sorted it by using your method Philip. I have the backup of my computer and amoung them photos to the rockstor pool so would not be very comforting to have both copies there :slight_smile: Now PLEX on my windows machine is only uploading both our mobile photos.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: