Pool Device Errors Alerts

Hi guys
i’ve this problem. I also tried to change the cables but the problem persists. How can I solve?


@tonyhr0x welcome to the Rockstor community.
I am assuming you are running the version 4.x of Rockstor?

If the cables are not helping (I assume you replaced/changed for all three drives?) then you might face a failing drive. Take a look a @phillxnet response to a similar issue:

take a look at the S.M.A.R.T. page as he recommends.

If it indeed turns out to be a failing drive, you can follow the drive replace steps found in the documentation:

Are you seeing any other symptoms (e.g. random reboots of the appliance, etc.) which could point to a failing power supply (I ran into this issue quite some time ago, but it was very hard to pinpoint that it indeed was a power supply problem and not bad memory or something else).


Hi guys
the Rockstor’s version is 4.1.0-0, and i update all modules.
yes i tried to change sata cable but the error persists.

The only difference is the excessive slowness in reading the folders.

Since i have a raid 1 system, can i just replace the disk with another one from the same series?

As outlined in the docs, there is a replace option:

When I replaced my drives a while ago, I went with the “add” new disk, and then after that was complete did the “remove” disk from pool option, so that’s the only experience I have. It took a long time, and the drives I replaced were fully functional so the additional reads/writes were not endangering any border line drives - which in your case might not be preferred.

Maybe someone that used the “replace” option recently can share their experience.

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Hi Hooverdan
so, add the new disk to the pool, and remove the old one? in this case do I keep all the configuration? and the data?
tnx a lot

yes, that would be it. You essentially add the disk to the pool, wait for the rebalancing to be completed (which, depending on the amount of data, etc. can take quite some time) and then trigger the remove action, another rebalancing will take place, and then you can remove the disk from Rockstor altogether (shutdown, unplug).
However, especially if your disk’s IO errors have increased since you’ve been starting to look at it, you might want to consider the “replace” option via the command line as outlined in the docs (link above). Once you have connected the drive to Rockstor and started up again, it should not be too difficult to execute the command-line options.

And to stay with @GeoffA’s mantra, ideally you create a backup beforehand, just in case, even if it takes a while (since you mentioned that reads are kind of slow) :slight_smile:
Also, run a backup of the config (under the Systems Menu --> Config Backups), download it and store it separately. In case you end up having to rebuild the entire system, reloading the config is fairly straight forward (take a look at the documentation as well, there are a couple of things you have to do before restoring the backup file).

And, yes, if all goes well and you don’t have to use the backup, all config and data should remain in place.


Hi guys
@Hooverdan I solved with your advice. .

Thank’s a lot.