Possible replacement for CouchPotato Rockon - Watcher

Hi All,

For those who wish to automate leeching of their totally and legitimately free OSS movies, I’m sure that at least some of you experienced disappointment with CouchPotato.

I’m currently testing a custom container and Rockon JSON for Watcher, and would like to determine interest for a possible release.
If there’s enough interest for me to maintain a public repository for this, I’ll consider putting it online once I’ve finished futzing around with it. (ETA - May … ish)

I’m planning (but have not yet completed) to have the system automatically update via git on container start, similarly to the Plex rockon, though implemented differently (avoiding s6-supervise, and just running a startup bash script)

My current iteration of the container has been up and running for a couple of months now without issue, using a single exported volume (share) for config, database and userdir storage.

Also interested in any Beta testers to receive early, probably broken and possibly dangerous testing releases within the next week or two. (Please note, I assume no liability for data loss or death of family pets as a result of the usage of this container)