Possible to move a share to a different pool?

My emby-config (and database) is located on a separate share inside a Raid10 pool, but I’d like it to be on my SSD. Is it possible to move or clone a share from pool A to pool B?

I too am curious how to do this. I’m wondering if I want to split my drives into multiple pools and if it’s not so easy to move shares I likely won’t, so I’m curious for my own decision making.

No update on this? I want to move my media share to my RAID1 pool and dont really know the appropriate way beyond a brute ‘copy’ command via the CLI.

Hi all,
we have open issues about shares & pools renaming/moving too


Hi @Flyer - so do you have any recommendations on how I can do this in the interim? Would I just create a new share on the different POOL and then via the console do a ‘mv /mnt2/<share> /mnt2/<newShare>’ (or something along those lines)?

Hi @t3kka,
back to Github open issue, here your answer :slight_smile:

Thanks @Flyer but the issue is actually a little different than what those users are talking about. While a clone would theoretically work, I dont have the ability to change the location of said clone in the UI. When I click “Clone” for the share in question, it only gives me a ‘name’ field to work with. No option for placing the clone in a different location/share. I simply went ahead and created a new share on the different Pool and then via the CLI did a ‘cp -R <OldShare>/<Files> <NewShare>’ to copy the data to the new location/pool. Seems to work fine just in case any one else is interested.

Technically speaking it’s not possible to move share to different pool (per say). What one would have to do is:
you’ve got your share you want to move in pool1 called share1
you have to make a read only snapshot of it
in a destination pool that you want to migrate your data to (pool2) you want to create share with same name share1 … but unfortunately right now in rockstor you can’t have 2 shares of same name, so you would have to have new share called share2

Then what you do is use
btrfs send /pool1/share1 | btrfs receive /pool2/share2
(notation is simplified and will NOT work because you need to point to the read only snapshot etc, but you should catch the drift here)

now one all data is shifted you can delete share1 on pool1 and rename share2 to share1 (once issue discussed by @Flyer is coded in) of course where is a will there is a way … and you can do that from console as well

Considering these limitations and that Share Quotas are not ready yet, perhaps another aproach like;
Shares can be made as qcow2 Virtual Disks.

The qcow2 VD provides the Quota limit and is resizable / compressable.
It can be moved easily between pools as it is one file not many that can be in a vast structure.
the qcow2 VD can have any supported File system on it and still be protected by the underlaying storage of the file.