Potential Rockstor UI 2.0?

Hello everyone! I know the project is still young but I’ve found a web desktop (And I’m now apart of the project myself) called OS.js (https://os.js.org/), I think Rockstor could potential be a great open source alternative to Synology’s DSM or QNAP’s QTS management system which has web-desktop like experience. Thought I throw that out to the dev’s to see if there was any plan’s of going this way in the future.

Hi @junland and welcome to Rockstor Community!!

Took a look to OS.js in the past and it’s quite impressive, but I don’t know if it would fit well with Rockstor: OS.js runs on a node.js instance while Rockstor is on django+gevent.socketio (IMO that could be a mess)

I repeat again: this is just my opinion for Rockstor priorities (go on with btrfs/disk improvements, iSCSI, stability, generally backend improvements etc etc).

@suman @phillxnet and @ganti_priya up to you! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I knew about the differences (NodeJS vs. Django) but hey it won’t hurt to present this idea to the devs. You could potentially just take down the 1.0 version of the GUI within Django and just have Django be used as a REST server and feed REST into OS.js.

Anyhow, I look forward to replies from the devs :slight_smile: