Power down or network down?

Hello to the community.

So yesterday I finally went through with my project and installed Rockstor on a 60gb ssd sitting comfortably among 8gb of RAM (4gb usable-unfortunately:bad slot), an Intel i7-860 and all these plugged in an asus p7p55d deluxe.
First boot with monitor and keyboard: all good, web ui accessible from browser.
I have already assigned the NAS static ip from my router.
Second boot headless (no monitor, no keyboard): all good, web ui accessible from browser.
I will be doing a little testing prior to moving my data from NTFS to btrfs and since this is intended to be a 24x7 home nas; I thought to leave the machine on overnight.
The following morning however: web ui NOT accessible from browser.
The NAS was definitely powered on but could not connect to it.
Moreover; my router’s administration page showed that the NAS was not ‘online’.
So how do I go about troubleshooting this?
Restarting the NAS I can connect to it normally.
What gives?

Hi @Sky12016,

I am not sure what has happened with your particular config, mine has been running 24x7 headless since first install without issue.

I would start by trawling the logs, in your case - with a complete loss of connectivity - I’d probably start off in /var/log/messages* starting from when you most recently saw the system working prior to the issue.

Also worth looking at Rockstor’s own logs at /opt/rockstor/var/log/rockstor.log*

If you’re not too familiar with Linux logs, feel free to dump the logs from prior to the issue through to when you rebooted into something like pastebin, and the forum goers here will take a look and see if we can’t at least narrow the field.

A loss of connnectivity on an unattended system initially screams hardware problem to me, especially if this is a new install on new or upcycled hardware (IE: Hardware not previously used in this configuration.)

Hi @Haioken,

The only (maybe) relevant message I found was the following from /var/log/messages

Bringing up interface enp5s0: Error: Connection activation failed: No suitable device found for this connection.

enp5s0 is my Intel NIC.

Update: As I just noticed, my network connections (web ui) currently show enp5s0 inactive and a new ‘Wired Connection’ up and running.

Looks like your intel NIC ‘went away’ at some point, I would generally consider that a bad thing.

Could you provide some context on this log entry (say 10-20 lines before/after)?

In any case, I would keep an eye on this for a while to ensure the system is stable before retiring whatever you’re currently using for data storage.

I am currently waiting and monitoring the machine.
After the errors and the loss of communication I did some updates from cli and it seems ok since.

I am keeping an eye on it for the time being.

Thanks for your input.