Power outages and Rockstor [informational question]

Had a few power outages recently. This is usually quite rare in my area. But, I am happy this happened because it highlighted this problem for me:

Each time rockstor wouldn’t open webui, and the config was totally ruined. I’ve fixed this 3 times. Is a UPC required to use rockstor or am I getting unlucky and say the power is always going out during say a balance (the last time definitely this was the case). I have already fixed the damage to the config, once by reinstalling, so the nature of this is more informational.

What are the consequences of a power outage on a rockstor system and do I need a UPC?


@coleberhorst In order to avoid any troubles I would strongly recommend a UPS, I’ve purchased one recently and shared some experiences in the following thread

Thanks, I will be sure to read your thread! As a note I am using raid10.

This is one of the things I really like about the rockstor community. Everyone is very helpful!

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