Prevent Kernel Backport From Reverting

My system uses an Intel ARC GPU for video transcoding. As such, I require a kernel version that’s at least 6.2. My Rockstor installation uses the Leap 15.4 base, which runs a much older kernel. I followed the instructions here: Installing the Stable Kernel Backport — Rockstor documentation to successfully install a more recent kernel. However the Rockstor web gui doesn’t include “–allow-vendor-change” in its update method, so it wants to revert my kernel back to the standard Leap 15.4 one (5.14.21).

How do I prevent that behavior?

@GoreMaker I think I did run into a similar problem when I installed the kernel backport (which is a long time ago) after I moved my system from 15.3 to 15.4 (including the kernel backport) and I could not explain why that was happening. My non-scientific answer from memory was that, I think I went through a couple of update cycles (for a couple of days, since the kernel backport offers new updates almost daily using the command line (including the respective reboots) and then I did not have that issue anymore. Not sure whether some cached information or something else was “cleaned out” at some point. Maybe @phillxnet or somebody else on this forum has a better explanation.


It looks like Leap 15.5’s kernel, despite still being technically version 5.14.21, has had the Intel ARC support backported to it by the opensuse team. So if I switched to running Leap 15.5, that would resolve my underlying issue without requiring a backported kernel at all