Problem mounting NFS share

Hello, I’m trying to configure NFS service on the Web-GUI. I can turn on the service and mount it on the client (ubuntu) but it gets mounted with read-only permission (the NFS export is set to ‘writable’).
I tried creating an user and adding it to the ‘nfsnobody’ group because I believe this group has write permissions on the nfs exports. The problem is when i try to mount the nfs with the new user created on the client side .

sudo mount -t nfs server_ip:/export/export_name -o username=user_name,password=user_pass /mnt
mount.nfs: and incorrect mount option was specified

If I mount it without specifying user and pass, it gets mounted ok but I don’t have write permissions

mount -t nfs server_ip:/export/export_name /mnt

I read the man of mount.nfs and nfs and the syntax looks good so I think that’s a problem with nfs configuration but i don’t know what i am doing wrong.

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I realize your question is a little old, but I’ll post this for the sake of future googlers.

I export all my NFS shares using the “Advanced Edit” button, like so:

/export/export_name *(rw,async,insecure,all_squash,anonuid=1000,anongid=1000,no_subtree_check)

all_squash: maps all connections to the anonymous user
anonuid: change the anonymous user from nfsnobody to a user you created that has rights to the btrfs share. Get the uid from System -> Users.
anongid: same as above, but the group ID.
no_subtree_check: Nothing to do with permissions, but disables subtree checking, which can cause problems when a requested file is renamed while the client has the file open

This might not be what you want to do from a security perspective, but for me this is just for home use so I’m fine with it.

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For anyone it might help:
I needed to change the share permissions from 755 to 777 before the NFS mount was writable.


I was experiencing the same problem. I wonder weather this service is fully tested by developers