Problem with torrents apps

Hello, i just configured my rockstor server, and I have a problem with torrents rock-ons.
I tried qBitTorrent and Transmission but both can’t download torrent files.
In qBitTorrent it says that it is “Stalled”
And on Transmission it just don’t work

Can you please help me?

@TeanoLink, welcome to the Rockstor community
I’ve run a quick test with both Rockons, and on qBittorrent it shows “stalled” for about 5 seconds before it goes on and for Transmission it took about 10-20 seconds for the actual torrent load to start.

This is the sample torrent I’ve used (Ubuntu “alternative download” official torrent):

Do you have any specific router settings that might be blocking in/outbound traffic, or you’re using a VPN that might have an impact?