Problems with installing rockstor Built on openSUSE Leap15.4 on raspberry pi 4


I’m trying to install Rockstor with ‘Built on openSUSE Leap15.4’ on a raspberry pi 4 with 2gb via sd card.
The installer starts and installs but at a certain moment it just stops, gives a black screen for 2 seconds and i get the screensaver of my lg tv and i have to start the pi4 again.
I also tried to install ’ Built on openSUSE Tumbleweed’ and with this I got a setup screen and then it takes ages to install everytime with a same kind of error. I stopped this.
Any idea what is going wrong ?
Kind regards, Marc

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@xztd34 Hello there, and another welcome to the community forum.

What is the size of the sdcard you are using. Installs can crash if it’s too small. See our:
“Minimum system requirements”:


It may help to given more info on the moment it does stop, if possible.

The error in this case is a blanking of the screen?

If your sdcard is too slow it may just be timing the TV out. You could try turnign the TV off and then on again, sorry to suggest this potentially obvious thing but it may get around your issue.

Using an sdcard as the system drive is not advisable as it’s going to be super slow. If you have a faster USB 3.0 device then you could try using that instead as the system drive. That is what I tested these install images on as sdcards are just way too slow in this setting.

Hope that helps.


Hi Philip,

Nice to meet you.

I used a 16gb and 32gb sd card.

Now I used a external ssd on usb 3 from the raspberry, much faster.

Same problem.

But I succeeded to install rockstor with the tumbleweed image.
There I get a window to setup keyboard, language, regional settings and so on.
And then it tells me I can connect from a browser to a specific ip address.
Strange why the opensuse leap is not working.

Kr, Marc

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Hello Philip,

Are there future beta versions I can test for raspberry pi ?

Greetz, Marc

@xztd34 Hello again.

Yes, that’s more the ticket really.


Yes, that’s the first boot OEM install setup. See:

Yes that is strange. Another variable is the version of firmware in your Pi4. Maybe it’s newer than what I tested on. At one point Pi4’s couldn’t boot from USB but after a bios update via Rasbian or RaspberryPi OS as it’s not called I think, they added this capability. But the Pi4 has a mixed arrangement where some ‘bios’ is flashed, and the rest is loaded at boot time from the installed OS. Maybe the version in Leap 15.4 is not playing nicely with your flashed version and the Tumbleweed one is. Or something like that.

Soon yes. I’m winding my way towards our next Release Candidate and when that is published I will very likely roll new installers also. When-ever we build new installers via:

they have, pre-installed, all the upstream updates. This includes all the kernel updates etc. So it would be good if you could out our next release when it emerges.

Bar a few bits and bobs (ssh/sftp config via Web-UI for one) our Tumbleweed version is actually quite well behaved.

Keep an eye on the following forum thread for our testing releases that are currently almost at our next Stable release stage:

4.5.9-0 is our planned next release which I hope to get our fairly shortly.

Hope that helps.


Thx Philip for all the information. I indeed did a firmware update and it looked like the previous one was from 2 years ago. So I have the latest running now and it can be that it is too new. But nevertheless I’m more than willing to test out new beta’s. Have a nice day/evening. Kr, Marc

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