Putting single drive of a pool into standby not possible?


I have 2 single pools running on my sysgem. One consists of one drive and the other on two.

As i´ve found out i can only put the single drive Pool into standby. The drive consisting of two pools can only be set into standby complete.

Is this normal or a problem that just appears on my config?



@Basti_Fantasti I’m not aware of any issue that precludes > 1 drive pools from having their hdd’s enter standby mode. It’s more likely that your 2 drive pool has activity that wakes it’s drives where as the single drive pool does not. That’s all I can think of for now.

Apologies if I have miss-read your post here.

I have a 2 drive pool here where both drives do enter standby but are periodically awakened due to sporadic background access, at least that is my current assumption.

You could check, but don’t edit, the /etc/systemd/system/rockstor-hdparm.service which is the file that the disks Web-UI maintains to enact the Disk page settings for idle spin down to standby mode. It should contain a line for every disk whose power settings have been configured. That is it should reflect your existing settings as per the Disk Web-UI page. Also note that some drive models require the APM setting to be 127 or below in order to enter suspend at all. Another find was that some drives don’t respond to longer power down settings. The 10 min setting seemed to work for a few drives here at least. Rockstor simply uses the hdparm program to enact these timings and so we are limited to it’s functionality which is not always obeyed by the disks themselves.

I have also found that leaving the disk page open in a browser can inhibit disk power down on some models which is a bit of a pain. Seems like some drives will not power down when asked about their power state periodically such as happens with that page open, but once actually in suspend are not then woken up with the same power state enquiry. This find took me ages to establish as you might imagine, maybe the same is happening with your investigations.

Hope that helps.

with hdparm i am not able to set the drives into standby when those are mounted… i can set them into standby mode from CLI if they are not mounted and pooled…

so it works using smartctl but if a drive that belongs to the pool is accessed all drives of that pool wake up…