PXE / TFTP Server for Network Boot

Hello everybody,

I got a feature request, which would be really usefull in a Network Storage Server.
It would be great to allow Rockstor to act as a TFTP Server to use it for network boot.

The DHCP config should/could be done on a seperate host (In my case pfsense), but the pxe server should be configured in the Web interface.

Any plans to implement this features or any comments?

PS: I am aware, that this can easily be done from the command line and set up by hand.

Kind regards,

Hi and welcome.

There is nothing available out of the box I’m afraid … but you’ve got 3 options.
Option 1) do it via rock on (if there is any docker image for tftp server)
Option 2) You are very welcome to join git hub and help our cause by codding this functionality your self :slight_smile:
Option 3) fire it up from console your self (thou in future it may break if we for example change location of shares or folder structure)

@JannikJung0 I’ve just created a PR that will add a Cobbler rockon.