Qgroups missing, cannot create snapshots, how to fix?

So, some context: I had a Rockstor server whose boot media failed in the middle of a btrfs balance. I had to reinstall Rockstor to new boot media, import the existing pool (which hadn’t failed) onto it, and then restart the balance. Since balances are much faster when quotas are disabled (for some reason, blame btrfs), I disabled them when importing the pool using a bash command. However, I have recently found out that I cannot create snapshots in this configuration. Even after cancelling the balance, re-enabling quotas, and forcing a quota resync, I still cannot do so. I get an error message about a missing qgroup, as the pool appears to be missing most of them.

I would like to recreate them so that I can start creating snapshots again, but I don’t know what qgroups Rockstor needs. It’s calling for 2015/(subvol id of the share), from what I can gather in the error message, but I’m not sure if that would be correct if I just created some level 2015 qgroups and let new snapshots build on them. I don’t want to make this worse, as every other part of the system works perfectly save for qgroups. How would I go about fixing this correctly?

Complicating the fact is that I see several issues relating to quotas and qgroups fixed in Rockstor git, but I cannot install those, as stable update subscriptions have been “sold out” (…how?!) for about a month now. (I used to have one a while back and have been meaning to re-up.) Is there a way to purchase an update subscription outside of that page?

@kmeisthax Apologies for the extended delay in responding to your post.

As you noted the quota disabled functionality in the currently old testing channel variant of Rockstor is very much broken, and in multiple ways, and so it was difficult to step in with a fix/workaround; bar building from our source code on GitHub of course. But as per your:

I would like to relay that the Stable Updates Subscription ‘shop’ has now been re-stocked.

Thanks for your interest in helping to support Rockstor’s development by subscribing to Stable Updates.

Hope that helps and as per the linked issue; ‘plans are afoot’.

Bought the update subscription and my NAS is updating now. If this fixes the qgroup issue then I will be extremely elated. If not then I’ll just have to remake them myself.

@kmeisthax Thanks for the support.

Should do. If not then we can take it from there. It may just need a quote disable (from Web-UI) to get it sorted. And re-enabling, if that was your want, auto remakes them anyway.

We do have a way to go quota / qgroups wise but I believe we are now ‘fully functional’ bar some size / usage reporting, with quotas disabled.

Remember that after re-enabling (via Web-UI pools page element) can take quite a few minutes to ‘add up’ stuff before the final sizes are shown in the rest of the Web-UI.

Also remember to double check you are running actual stable given you’ve been on testing.

yum info rockstor

Hope that helps.