Question about re-install

Hi team. I read through the reinstall section of the documentation ( and I have a question about the data import section after the re-installation.

My NAS has a ASRock C2550D4I motherboard, a SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" 120GB SATA III SSD (Rockstor installed on this disk), and 4 WD Red 6TB HDD in a RAID 5 config

If I reinstall Rockstor on the SSD, will Rockstor recognize the 4 HDDs were running in a RAID 5 config and import my pools and shares? I don’t see any instruction on backing up the pools and shares configs. I don’t want to lose my files if I have to do a re-install

Thanks a lot

Yup. That’s precisely what it does.

I did it some days ago. It’s really simple. Just go to the disk section. There are all recognized disks listed. Then hit the button right behind one of the btrfs disks and you were asked if you wish to import the data.

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Thank you very much :smiley:

What about for a fresh install? I set up a RAID 10 BTRFS on 4x HDDs a while ago and want to put Rockstor on there.

It depends on how your BTRFS is laid out. If you are using disk partitions, import doesn’t work. If you are using whole disks, it should. If you have subvolumes and snapshots, it will try to import them as Shares and Snapshots. But if they don’t conform to Rockstor’s layout, it won’t. You may need to manually move data into newly created Shares.

Thank you for the reply. I set them up as whole disk, and no snap shots. I think I might be Ok and the rest of the data I can manually move. I’ll give it a shot this weekend and reply if any problems. :slight_smile: