[Question] Creating rockstor NAS with old hardware (core 2)


Today I have a QNAP NAS (TS 231), with 2x1 Tb in RAID 1 (WD Red), with Emby server. This Nas is very slower (display web interface, emby, browsing SMB share).
I have an old unused motherbord with RAID controller, a core 2 duo E4400 (run @3.3 ghz) and 6 Gb ram.

So I think the best things to do, is building a NAS with this old motherboard, adding a 120 Gb SSD for system, adding 2x1 Tb from my actual NAS (and mybe adding 2x4 Tb WD Red, beacause I used more than 80% of my 1 Tb)

So my question is, is this hardware is enougth powerfull to use rockstor, with adding some feaqture like Emby server ? (I mean that ram is ok)

Please Excuse me if me English is bad, I am not guilty of, I am just French :smiley:

@groumf Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Should be just fine. Bit low on processing power but with > 4GB RAM and an ssd system disk I think it will be quite usable. All depends on the exact use case really but you have there > min RAM and at least 2 cores. I’d also keep the number of snapshots to a minimum also. Our current published Minimum system requirements have recently had a proposed update which you can view in the pending pull request:

No worries there, also excuse me for the same. I’m trying to Learn French myself but I’m afraid natural languages are significantly less my ‘sac’ than computer languages. Oh well.

Hope that helps. Apologies for not being nearly good enough to be able to reply in French. Maybe one day. But we do have several other native French speakers on the forum I believe.

As Philip pointed out, NAS-wise you’ll be fine. Emby would work if your clients don’t need transcoding, otherwise it’ll be slow.

I’m running on a HP Gen8 with a 2-core Celeron and 6Gb of RAM, with Plex, various other docker containers, some php-powered websites, and most of the time the machine has hardly any load.

Attempt to play some movie that requires remuxing on an older Chromecast, and watch that load go up. :slight_smile:

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