[question / not urgent] Any reason Rockstor would refuse to stop when a dvd drive is added?

Added a BD-Rom drive to my box, hoping to work on a ripping a few dvds. However, on insertion rockstor immediately dies and if I insert it before rockstor starts it freezes on the blue and white bar loading screen. I tested in windows and the drive itself works fine. Maybe something to do with how the bdrom drive is auto generated in /dev/ clashes. I’ll try to test some more.

@coleberhorst Hello.
Can’t think of a Rockstor reason. It essentially ignores all devices of type ‘rom’ according to lsblk’s output:

Yes that would be good. All I can think of is some kind of hardware clash, or maybe an overly stretched power supply in the Rockstor machine that can’t deal with the addition of the DVD rom. I’d try another model if possible and see how it goes. Is it a USB type or a sata?

Sata drive was what I tried that killed the OS. I successfully used my usb one and did a basic handbrake rip on my rockstor today. Worked like a charm. I’ll try my Sata drive under an external power source and connect it to the system to rule out the power supple overdraw you suggested. If that still kills OS I will look a bit deeper into the logs as it dies. The first time freaked me out so I didn’t get a chance to pull logs, but I now know it somehow just prevents it from starting/ continuing running and boots just fine once removed.

On the plus side, I built and ran handbrake and should be able to get it either a script or hopefully a rockon soonish.

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