Question: Vagrant for speeding up development?

Recently I’ve been using vagrant for development at work and it works well to abstract away VirtualBox. I was wondering if the same could be done for Rockstor and doing away with rsync’ing your directory and automatically keeping everything in your directory up to date with the your development box.

Do people have more experience with Vagrant? What are the potential downfalls? Are there other alternatives to speeding up development work?

Hi @gkadillak,
vagrant = VMs “starting from a config file” (Vagrant is more then this).

Talking about Rockstor development I think Vagrant can be useful to have a starting dev VM (we could have one box file for every stable release), but during dev testing rsync & build probably is easier (from my git repo i rsync and buildout with one short shell alias).

My pov: Vagrant is more on SysAdmin side then Delevoper side (1 VM image, clone it/customize it & cloneit/control VMs with puppet/ansible, etc)