Quick upload to onedrive


Apologies if I’m being blind here but I’m trying to find a simple way to share to onedrive directly from rockstor. I just want to be able to push certain files to one drive to share with friends. I’d be happy to do this from the CLI if that’s needed. Is there a solution for this already?


Hi @Bee_rii,

The first thing that would come to mind would be to use our Duplciati rock-on. I’ve used it successfully to sync a share with Google Drive, and based on Duplicati’s forum, it can do OneDrive without problem as well:

Although I’ve never tried it myself, it should be working.
Of note, we have updated the image we use for the Duplicati rock-on last December, so make sure to click on the “Update” button on the top right of the Rock-ons page to make sure you will pull the latest version:

Hope this helps,


This proves I’m very ignorant about some Rockstor details. I’ve got to the point in setting up OneDrive backup in Duplicati where it asks me to pick a Source Data folder, and add a path. I have no idea which if any of the folders it shows under Source Data is appropriate or needs to be modified. Also, what would be the structure and content for Add Path? The data folder I want as a source is in the main pool CEH-Data, in a share named Charles-Data. Sorry to ask such basic questions.

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@CEH Hi, if you have not done so already you will need to Add Storage to the Rockon in the settings (little wrench icon in the Rockons page - the Rockon needs to be stopped first). This effectively mounts the Rockstor data share to a location inside the Rockon container. You can then select this mount point in the Duplicati job configuration. Hope this helps.


@Flox Thanks for advising that the Duplicati Rockon had been updated, I must have missed that previously. That is good news, and I have just this morning set it up and have it currently running a backup to OneDrive.
Excellent stuff!