RAID convert (5=>10) does not work from GUI

Rockstor Version: 3.8-14.10, Kernel 4.6.0-1.el7

Old Setup: 3 disks in a RAID5 pool
New Setup: 4 disks in a RAID10 pool

Bug Reproduction
Prerequisites: BTRFS Pool with 3 disks, RAID5

Steps taken:

  1. Open case and add disk
  2. Make sure OS recognizes disk via hotplug; if GUI shows it, all should be good
  3. In Rockstor GUI, open up the afore mentioned Pool
  4. Click ‘Resize Pool’, click ‘add disks’
  5. Confirm to change RAID level from 5 to 10
  6. Follow all other steps to the very last setup screen about ‘balance will start…’ (cannot retry on my live system)
  7. Click ‘Finish’

Error check
8. In ‘Overview’ for the same pool it still says RAID5
9. In GUI under ‘Balance’ in the same pool it shows one finished balance with 100%; time relates to a started balance from 7.)
10. Command line shows RAID5 for this pool, no running balances

Expected Behavior:
At 8.) AND 10.) it should say RAID10, since BTRFS cmd line shows RAID level it is supposed to be
At 9.) a running balance is expected