RAM Usage and CIFS performance

Hi All,

I’m very new to Rockstor and so far think it looks great but I’m having issues. I’m currently running two separate appliances, one on VMware and one on a physical machine.

On both appliances, I have a CIFS share running and as it gets used, RAM usage increases (cached) which from the documentation seems to be normal behaviour. However once the RAM is saturated as below the CIFS share becomes extremely slow and often inaccessible until I restart the appliance to clear out its memory:

I’ve tried increasing the amount of RAM to the appliance (currently 6GB) but it only delays the problem slightly until the new allocation gets filled.

Has anybody else encountered this issues with the current version (3.8-14) or know of a solution?

Many Thanks.

Thanks for reporting this @aero161 and welcome to Rockstor community, btw!

I am curious to know more about the usage pattern of the share. Could you provide more details? or better yet, steps to reproduce this behaviour would be great.

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