Raspberry Pi 5 version?

I was just curious if there is a Raspberry Pi 5 version of Rockstor in the works? And if so the general ETA when it will be released?

The downloads page just says there is a version for the Pi4 but no mention about the new Pi5.

Hi @AnthGood,

In my own personal case, it actually depends on when/if I can get my hands on a Pi5, for instance. The new opportunities that seem to be offered are really interesting so I’m looking forward to see what kind of hardware will be built to work with it, especially for NAS boxes. I’ve been looking every now and then and came close to find a Pi5 available but haven’t been lucky enough yet, though. They don’t seem too difficult to find it might seem compared to the Pi4, though, so I’m hopeful to get one.

It will also depend on the openSUSE support… I haven’t seen reports on how the Leap/Tumbleweed images work on a Pi5 yet so I do not know. By curiosity, do you have any information on that?

We also need to think about how many platforms we can support, though. We already support quite a few OSes/platforms/architectures so we need to take that into consideration. All good, though, but we just need to make sure we don’t stretch ourselves too thin.


As a follow-up on that front: it seems that Pi5-compatible openSUSE images are in the works (Raspberry Pi 5 and opensuse - openSUSE ARM - openSUSE Mailing Lists) so we may be able to get these a try if/when they are available.


I want to add to the plea for a Pi5 Rockstor. The Pi5 has a PCIe connector that can be used with a SATA crontroller for a much better configuration than USB SATA.


Any news on Rockstor for Raspberry Pi 5? A new batch of 5s is available to build on.

It still seems that no version of Tumbleweed or Leap is able to run on the Pi5 out of the box. I did get my hands on one, and while Ubuntu is already supporting it (and successfully installed) among other flavors, the OpenSUSE JeOS and full desktop version failed (using images like this: openSUSE-Tumbleweed-ARM-KDE-raspberrypi.aarch64.raw.xz and openSUSE-Tumbleweed-ARM-JeOS-raspberrypi.aarch64.raw.xz)

Beyond the selection screen of starting, nothing else happens (USB ports don’t work on those snapshots either).

I also have not found any more positive notes on the mailing list or other forums, maybe somebody else was more successful?

Since Rockstor is highly dependent on upstream, there is currently nothing that can be done, unless somebody successfully builds a custom kernel (that accounts for the underlying BCM 2712 process and whatever else the new boards require) before an OpenSUSE version for the Pi5 appears.