Rebasing on to openSUSE?

Not a Rockstor developer, but:

  • Rolling release
  • YaST/YaST2/WebYaST
  • Suse Studio
  • BTRFS by default

Thumbs up from me on the re-base, fwiw. Was already planning to migrate my home server/NAS from Debian Stretch to Tumbleweed, but I think it would be fairly practical to see what happens here.

@vfrex Welcome to the Rockstor community and thanks for the encouragement. I’ll pop in an update while I’m here.

Yes we are making progress, bit by bit, and my latest source build a few days ago found a couple of breaking upstream changes on postgres and docker but we have a work around for both, the upstream postgresql issue work around was added to our already referenced openSUSE dev notes and status, thanks to @jcdick1’s recent experiments along the same lines, and the docker change/workaround is documented in the following issue opened at that time:

Just need to rename a file for now and docker is back up and running again.

All rather alpha at the moment but if you are interested in building from source it is possible:


and we have provision in place to transition sufficiently current source built installs over to rpm installs once we have the back-end infrastructure in place to distribute them: closely related to my ongoing task re Rockstor as it goes. Just note that source installs have no provision for updating as they necessarily wipe the settings db (postgres) on each build: given in development there is no set point from which to establish db migration points.

Hope that helps and if you do fancy having a go consider contributing to @jcdick1 recent thread on installing via source build on Tumbeweed as that is the current forum focus point for difficulties in that area. I’m trying to keep this thread for development progress reports.

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I don’t think so myself as we are not yet at feature parity in the “Built on openSUSE” rpms, and we also still have quite a few bugs / failures in those rpms that don’t exist in the CentOS offering.

Not really, especially if you are already running a Stable update version of the CentOS offering as then one should be able to backup ones config on the CentOS variant, install using our as yet unreleased openSUSE Leap15.1 based installer (less than 5 mins on years old hardware), import the same pool and apply the config backup. See Configuration Backup and Restore in the docs. This very process can be seen working as of now for both my and @Flox’s tests of their recent improvement to this config save/restore mechanism:

that was released in version 3.9.2-52:

@Flox has also done another improvement to this system since so we are trying to smooth the way for this transition. Plus if one has not created any additional shares on the system drive then the system / data separation is maintained, which in turn simplifies any re-install process. I’d like to remove the ability to have user shares on the system drive all together but in some settings this ability is ‘just the job’, so maybe we need to add some additional warnings to our existing Web-UI warning re limitations of system drive shares.

Hope that helps.

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@phillxnet Might be you or point me to someone else if not.
I have the second HP server finally up and working. So if anyone would like I would be more than happy to slap on the new “Alpha/Beta” of Rockstor and help in any little bit I can.

I can not code so I can just do some testing in other ways if you want.


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@CJ_and_Darren Hello again.

Thanks for the offer. It’s actually getting close to the time when it would be appropriate for more general testing, but currently it’s still pretty much in the developer only stage as what we really need is direct assistance with the fixes themselves. It’s still a target rich environment :slight_smile: . Once we have the most obvious stuff done then I or @Flox will annouce this and that way we can get on with the final refinement via wider testing with the aim of achieving feature parity with our CentOS variant and then finally releasing the ‘Built on openSUSE’ Stable channel rpms. Can’t wait myself personally, but all in good time.

I’d say wait until at least 3.9.2-54 (next release) as there after we expect samba and email notification to actually work. From there on it should be down hill. Thanks to forum members @Flox, @def_monk, @gaspode, @Marenz, @luke, @Psykar, and @tyukh for their efforts with ongoing recent bug squashes on the openSUSE side.

But by all means do take another look at our companion post re the now released ‘Built on openSUSE’ testing channel. I’ll update this thread soon on the missing 10 months of progress since my last post here. But our 3.9.2-* Stable channel announcements have served this purpose by flagging all openSUSE releated issues fixed in the interim.

Thanks again for the offer and maybe there is some utility in just getting Leap15.1 on that rather fancy HP server you have ready for the pending rpm updates. Plus we are now down to just a few tweaks from default Leap15.1 install, prior to testing repo add, so I say give it a go but there are just not enough core developers to assist with this process without in turn holding up the larger mission. Hence the request for developers. But if you are game I think 3.9.2-54 may be worth a look. Oh and the current 3.9.2-53 should be able to update in place, via the Rockstor Web-UI to -54 when it comes out. Just in case you are really eager. But remember this is not a supported release, we need the support of others actually, hence the linked post stressing developers. But I think you get the idea.

Great to have the early adopters on board with this, it can only help. But again folks, please appreciate we are a pretty small team, so ideally, as the linked post states, we are mainly in need of the actual fixes, rather than the reports of sub system failures as they are, at this stage at least, fairly easy to identify.

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Just a quick update by way of copying in here what has been noted as fixed from our 3.9.2-# Stable channel updates announcement thread that pertains to openSUSE specifically:






This list does not include numerous config save / restore improvement that will also help in the transition, these have been almost exclusively contributed by our intrepid forum moderator and core contributing developer @Flox . It also doesn’t include our regular improvements which in almost all cases improve stuff across our currently 3 distro targets.

I may have missed some here but that’s roughly the gist of the “Built on openSUSE” only orientated fixes / improvements.

Getting there folks.

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Another quick update taken from our 3.9.2-# Stable Channel announcements thread pertaining to our ‘Built on openSUSE’ testing variant:


  • -Source package default smb.service in “Built on openSUSE” variants. Fixes #2127 @FroggyFlox
  • -[openSUSE] fix postfix config re ipv4, tlsmgr, & CA file settings. Fixes #2132 @phillxnet



[openSUSE] adapt to shellinabox package differences. Fixes #2006 @phillxnet

Please see the master thread for more details:

Just copying in here the ‘Built on openSUSE’ related changes thus far.

Bit by Bit.