3.9.2-# Stable Channel Changelog


As this thread is starting retroactively in this now long release cycle I’ll first give some context and move to detailing only the most recent releases. The canonical reference for all code changes is in our open source GitHub repo:

This is the ‘rockstor’ package origin. This does not include the Rock-on definition files.

An attempt is made to keep GitHub Release / git tags in line with package release versions but due to a variety of reasons one can lag the other for short periods.
Code Changes so indexed are detailed here:

Quick history was the first in our current stable channel release (identical to the last testing channel release of 3.9.1-16). It would normally have been earmarked for an iso release but this did not happen. This means we are not well represented currently. Our fault entirely, it’s just a shame, but I suspect our next iso release is not far away and is likely to be based on current stable code (which is looking ripe) and have openSUSE as it’s linux foundation; all prior releases have been CentOS based. See: Rebasing on to openSUSE? and our openSUSE dev notes and status. And will hopefully also kick off a new testing channel release program; hears hoping as we have failed in this regard previously.

We use to use testing channel to develop until we reached a ‘stable point’ and snapshot this as a known good version to be released in the stable channel. This sustainability model was as a result of discussions on this forum: namely the following thread:

This proved to be unsustainable as per our prior arrangement and stable subscribers expressed frustration with being ‘left behind’ / under served in comparison to testing which was only rarely broken anyway. So we changed again, as a value add to our stable subscribers, to releasing Rockstor rpm updates to stable channel only; with the intention of picking up the testing channel again when our resources allowed for this. In open source software it is hard to achieve sustainability and we are attempting to find a way. Our stable channel subscribers are currently that ‘way’.

One of my goals within the project is to return to more frequent iso releases and to resurrect the testing channel but that is going to take time and has failed on us before. But I hold out hope and as we attract more contributors / helpers I see it as a more viable possibility for the future than it was in the past.

Only time will tell.

Change log

As per the above intro we can kick off with detailing only the most recent as of writing changes per version in this thread.
Lets skip the first 38 releases for brevity and do a post per version going forward.

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Merged and released Sep 2018

Thanks to forum member @Flox for this one:

" Briefly, this PR adds support for a new “devices” object in Rockons’ json definition files …"

I.e. a potentially far reaching enhancement to our currently constrained Rock-on system and enables Rock-on definitions to encompass such things as hardware transcoding configurations.


Code changes:


Merged and released September 2018

Thank again to forum member @Flox for another Rock-on related enhancement:

“For some docker containers, it can be useful–if not necessary–to run add arguments to the docker run command.”


Code Changes:


Merged and released October 2018

This was a large one but in short it enhanced our disk / pool subsystems and Web-UI to function more helpfully in scenarious where a disk had died or is no longer available (missing in btrfs speak). Building on a prior enhancement that surfaced such conditions within the Web-UI via red flashy warning etc.


Code Changes:


Merged and release end of October 2018

Fixed a Dashboard regression issue kindly reported by @juchong
Included additional unit tests to help avoid this regression in the future.


Code changes:


Merged and released in November 2018

A source build only issue that lead to an improvement / centralisation of our db migration system: the thing that keeps ones settings from update to update. Recent db changes had surfaced a weakness in how we did things.


Code Changes:


Merged and release November 2018

Another in a long line of quota disabled / quota indeterminate state improvements, but this time focusing on when a pool is imported.


Code Changes:


(3.9.2-45 by GitHub release and Git tag)
This code ended up showed up a build tools failure complicating things in the back-end of production rpm building / testing.

Merged end November 2018
Released 3rd Feb 2019

This was another large one which ended up being an umbrella issue for a number of things related to our openSUSE (non legacy) move. Including fixing Rock-ons functionality within Leap15.0 (at the time) and Tumbleweed.
It also added the ability (on CentOS only currently) to move from a source install to an rpm based one: as long as you don’t build in /opt/rockstor. The intention here was to aid those wanting to move back to an rpm based install after having developed on Rockstor or had reason to run a ‘from source’ install. All settings however are necessarily lost during this transition.

Also note the additional distro indicator to the left of the Linux kernel Web-UI header element.


Code Changes:

The rpm release was short lived due to the following missing dependency issue:


(Belated GitHub release and Git tag 22nd Feb)

Merged and RPM Released 3rd Feb 2019

  • Added previously missed rpm dependency in 3.9.2-46.
  • Added distro awareness to the current rpm repository config code. Essentially the Rockstor code side of setting up openSUSE repositories to move to distributing updates via openSUSE rpms.
  • Fixed unintended repo file permissions.
  • Reduce rockstor rpm repository load by moving to an update cadence of 1 hour rather than 1 minute.
  • Fix a number of bugs affecting openSUSE based source installs re version indication and repository configuration.
  • Enable source based to rpm based installs when on openSUSE. This previously worked in CentOS as from 3.9.2-46.


Code Changes:


Merged end February 2019
Released 5th April 2019

Thanks to @Flox for his ongoing effort to improve our Rock-ons system. This time we have:

  • Support added for docker labels.
  • Bug fix for empty label fields.

and finally a fix by me for our unit tests: I broke them in 3.9.2-45 - Sorry devs.

  • Bug fix for unit test environment

A much belated thanks to @suman for holding everything together behind the scenes.

Happy Rockstoring and may your updates go smoothly.


Code Changes:


Merged end September 2019
Released 2nd October 2019

I am chuffed, and somewhat relieved, to finally release what is one of our largest and longest awaited releases for some time now. I present the 81st Rockstor.

In this release we welcome and thank first time Rockstor contributor @Psykar for a 2 in one fix for long standing issues of table sorting; nice:

Thanks also to @Flox for a wide range of non trivial fixes/enhancements thus:

@Flox has also been a major player behind the scenes in fashioning our transition to openSUSE, both by way of extensive testing, suggesting, and correcting (of my mistakes) and in the areas he has focused on. He also recently adopted a forum moderator role which is normally a thankless task; thanks @Flox. And has assisted me in final pre-release testing of the RPMs, which includes our first Leap15.1 & Tumbleweed variants, more on this soon.

And a series of run-of-the-mill, and one non trivial, fixes/enhancements from myself:

Thanks also to @suman for tirelessly assisting with my adoption of the maintainer role.

Due to the large number of changes in this release I have used a different format here to avoid a pages long post. Please do follow the GitHub issue links above for full details (change titles from pull requests, #links from their issues).

One final note: if your Rockstor Web-UI is not offering this versions then please consider visiting our shiny new complementary self service Appliance ID manager available at: https://appman.rockstor.com. It may be that your subscription has expired.



Merged 6th October 2019
Released 7th October 2019

This one is predominantly a ‘HOT FIX’ for our Web-UI having 10-30 second pauses in Chrome and similar browsers. Firefox seemed to be unaffected, at least some versions.

I have also included a couple of unrelated contributions to help with addressing our backlog of improvements.

We welcome and thank @magicalyak as a first time rockstor-core contributor but as many of you will know, is very active in our Rock-ons rockon-registry repo.

We have another move toward openSUSE via the prolific @Flox (Thanks @Flox) with:

And finally the hot fix for “Chrome Go Slow” from myself @phillxnet

  • pin python-engineio to 2.3.2 as recent 3.0.0 update breaks gevent. Fixes #1995 @phillxnet

Catchy title that last one I know !!

This last fix was ‘resurrected’ from a prior instance of this happening in source builds way back but an upstream ‘mend’ meant that it was then dropped. So we have now finally pinned this library to a set version. We have ongoing plans to re-vamp, and minimise, our library dependencies and this older version ‘pinning’ will be re-addressed.

Thanks to all our stable subscribers and currently unintended testers (working on that) for helping to support Rockstor’s development.

Specifically I like to call out forum members @upapi_rockstor, @Bazza, @Warbucks, @Flox, and @wyoham in the following 2 forum threads:

Web GUI after update to not working properly
Data-collector, again?

for helping to bring to light this more recent Chrome compatibility blunder.

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