Rebuild error Version 3.8.11

Hi all,

I have been trying to Build Rockstor follow the Contributing to Rockstor - Overview3 ----Build VM initial setup and I got the code from Releases · rockstor/rockstor-core · GitHub 3.8.11 Relase code build on the lastest version Rockstor-3.8-11.iso,build successful, but I got the error as follow:

Anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks for considering to become a code contributor, @Richard_White!

My first guess(based on the errors in the console) is that your browser has cached the client side js code from a previous version. Try hard refreshing with shift+ctrl+r. That will redownload js bits onto your browser. Beyond that, you should double check if there are any build errors. Good luck!

It’s not cahce problem, I change other browser. And then I copy the code from /opt/rockstor to /path/to/build, build it, it works.But it got another error:

@Richard_White Welcome by the way and well done for getting this far.

That error is normal as you are now running a one off developer instance of Rockstor and so the online updates, which work via the rpm system, are no longer supported, in fact the existing rpm is un-installed by the buildout system (see around line 160 of buildout.cfg) so as to not interfere with the code built install and it’s associated configuration. I use /opt/rockstor-dev to build so as to distinguish it from a production (rpm) install of /opt/rockstor.

So it looks like you have done it. Great.

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