Recommended Memory Size

Good afternoon, I am always looking to continue optimizing my storage servers and am looking for btrfs memory advice. My current Rockstor Node is as follows:

CPU: E5-2695v3 14-core
Memory: 32GB (16x2)
HDD: 6x10TB, 6x8TB
SSD: 6x1TB, 2x4TB, 2x400GB
Network: 40Gb x 2 (80Gb LACP)

So essentially my question is, is the memory enough to not cause bottlenecks with the storage? I know the CPU and Network is plenty but what is the recommended amount of ram per TB for BTRFS? I am fine with moving to 64-128gb+ so long as it will benefit the node. Thanks!

Hi @kingwavy,

A lot more expert eyes will see your specifications and provide much better feedback than I will, but I would say you have plenty of RAM already. See the posts from @Haioken and @doenietzomoeilijk linked below for some examples. It will depend on the exact use you will have, of course.

As mentioned above, you’ll get proper feedback from experts here, but I wanted to point these two comments to you first as examples.

Hope this helps, and congrats on such a nice system :wink: .

As @Flox mentioned, you won’t be running into any bottleneck issues with your RAM.
BTRFS in it’s current state is barely touching the RAM in my system.

Later, when inband deduplication comes to fruition (or if you set it up manually), you might see more of a need for it, but at the moment, 32Gb of RAM will serve little purpose aside from self-gratification.

I’ve got Plex, Sonarr, Watcher3, NZBGet, NetData, Pi-Hole, MariaDB, Jackett, GitLab, OpenVPN and Transmission all running containerized in Rockstor and have never hit >~40%usage of my 16Gb.