Reinstall activation

I reinstalled Rockstor due to … many reasons. Now I can’t activate my stable release subscription. Used the original activation code. No love. Seems like a bug to me, but if there is something else going on I’m all ears.


P.S. I’m sure the new install UUID is different, if it’s generated at install time. I’m going to be irritated if I’m expected to pay for stable updates every time I reinstall on the same machine. I mess with things, stuff breaks. First time something broke enough to reinstall, but I’m sure not the last. Is there no better way of checking subscription details? Like hardware sigs?

@baldusjm Yes I’m afraid the subscription is done from the install UUID and a re-install changes that. I’m afraid at the moment you will have to email your old UUID and new UUID in and ask for the subscription to be moved over. You are not required to pay again.

There is a forum post on this over at “Are stable updates key/licenses transferable?
specifically the second and third posts from me and then @suman address at least part of your question.

Hope that helps.

Why don’t you guys use the system UUID?
Dmidecode should deliver it, and as a fallback you could still use the current implementation.



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@elmcrest Thanks, that’s a nice find. Could be tricky to introduce with existing uuid subscriptions in place but I like the idea (though I haven’t thought about it much obviously).

dmidecode | grep uuid


cat /sys/class/dmi/id/product_uuid

Presumably this is unique to the motherboard, or maybe it changes with BIOS updates, or CPU changes.

Anyone have any experience with this as a stable system id?

this should be unique to the motherboard including updates. I assume it could be changed on purpose. but since rockstor is opensource anyways … yeah, you know what I mean :slight_smile:

I fully support this to be included instead of UUID as of today.

My reason is that I do try to develop new Rock-ons and when installing and testing in my homeserver, they fail. So a reinstall is needed now and then. And I would like to not have to e-mail @suman now and then to have new key e-mailed to me.

@baldusjm @elmcrest and @bug11 It looks like our illustrious Rockstor leader @suman has opened and closed! an issue on persistent uuid’s so upon this being tested and merged the stable channel updates subscription uuid should then be taken directly from the system’s dmi info (when available) as per @elmcrest 's suggestion above which the issue does reference.

Not sure when this will come into effect release version wise but just thought I’d update this thread with this development:

Hopefully this should lead to a much smoother re-install re-subscriptions mechanic in the future.

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 I'm planning on doing a fresh install of  Rockstor on the same system with the 3.9

I copied my UUID with the command above. Will this change with a new install ? Or will I need a new UUID for the same system ? The reason for the reinstall is because system is very sluggish and running slow.

please advise…


Just finished re-installing Rockstor I tried using my UUID and that did not work on stable release updates. So I had to activate testing updates to get to 3.9 .

Where do I send my old UUID so I can get a replacement ???

I re-installed and I need a re-actavation code ( new key ?) ? Do I have to pay again ???
please advise…


@painkiller895 Hello again and apologies for not responding sooner. Thanks for helping to support Rockstor development.

Please see my post in the following thread:

Hopefully that should cover it.