Reload samba config when samba exports are modified

Currently I either have to manually stop and start the samba service, or reload the config at the command line when I make a samba export change (systemctl reload smb).

Please consider having this reload run automatically when a change is made to samba exports.

@seijirou I have opened a github issue to address this issue#699
Given a whole sale reload may not be good in all circumstances how about a button?

ie “Apply Changes Now” otherwise one risks service interruption in for example the case of an smb share being removed. An apply button could then account for this use case where as an auto apply / reload might be a bit too exciting in some instances!

@phillxnet Yes I’m all about a smarter way and that sounds like a great idea.

This is already the case and I’ve verified it again just to be sure. Can you provide reproducible steps and any other helpful information if it’s not working for you?

@suman Sorry for the slow reply, I’ll take a look as unfortunately I don’t remember now exactly what kind of shennannigans I was up to when I reported this.