Replace all drives in BTRFS Pool

I have a drive failing in my pool, and nothing I’ve done has resulted in being able to keep the pool mounted in rw or degraded,rw. After a few minutes, or maybe even seconds, it falls back to ro. These drives are 8+ years old, so I’m thinking of just replacing them.

Is it possible to:

  1. systemctl disable rockstore-pre rockstore rockstore-botstrap
  2. Buy 4 new drives in USB cases (Easystores)
  3. Connect the drives via USB
  4. Create a RAID5 pool with the USB connected drives
  5. Copy all data from the degraded pool to “new_pool”
  6. Uninstall hard drives from server
  7. Shuck the Easystores
  8. Install the Easystores into the server
  9. systemctl enable rockstore-pre rockstore rockstore-botstrap
  10. Import the drives as “old_pool”

I think the hard drives may be encrypted while in the Easystore case, so I suspect the answer is no. If that is the case, would this work if I acquired some generic USB hard drive docking stations?