Replicating snapshots to second disk


I have two disks in my system. I want to replicate snapshots from disk A to disk B as a way of a regular backup. Is there any support for that directly in rockstor or should I use the terminal and cron for this?

The replication feature itself looks a bit like what I want, but it only works with external appliances…

@Marenz Hello again.

No, the built in replication feature is only inter Rockstor machines not intra machine.

Also note that Rockstor enforces unique subvol names within a system. So if you do end up doing a cron of sorts, ensure the target subvol has a system wide unique name.

Another note here is that if you simply want a snapshot to exist on 2 disks, i.e. the literal interpretation of:

The raid1 or 10 will do this underneath by ensuring all data chunks are on at lest 2 independent devices. But I’m assuming you mean from one pool to another, where each pool has a single disk in. With the context of ‘raid is not a backup’.

We do have the early stages of a realted feature planned by way of our roles mechanism. Take a look at the doc entry and the associated Web-UI page:
I.e. the archive role. If a single disk was the target intention.

There is also the clone mechanism that may be of interest. But this is within pool, not between pools.

Hope that helps.