Replication encrypted?


Is Shared Folder replication encrypted? I notice it is doesn’t use the standard SSL port (TCP 443). Sending clear-data (or compressed clear-data) over the Internet is undesirable.

Secondly, would be great to have time-of-day scheduling options because I’m sure there are plenty like me who would like replication to occur during off-peak hours only.

Finally, I’d pay £20 for less-regular stable updates, certainly for a lifetime supply of them. Not sure about £20 per year though.

Many thanks

@grizzly Welcome to Rockstor community!

Replication currently is not encrypted. I have experimented with how that could work a while ago and encryption is definitely on the road map. As part of this issue, I’ll take a second look and make a plan. I have been getting more than a a few e-mails also about users trying to use Replication and running into issues due to current regression. Looks like the feature is picking up some traction, we’ll improve it.

Btw, thanks for your support of the paid update channel. Lifetime is kind of an easy promise to make than keep :slight_smile: There will definitely be a longer term plan with a reasonable price tag.

Thanks Suman. Perhaps I can set up a VPN (eg openvpn) as a workaround in the meantime. Encryption in transit is fairly essential for the replication feature, as I’m sure many like me won’t use it without. Glad it’s nearby on your roadmap.
Loving Rockstor otherwise - being BTRFS-based blows FreeNAS and the other alternatives I’ve looked at out of the water.

Hi, guys!

Do we currently have encrypted replication?