Replication failures


I’ve been playing with replication and I’m getting failures. (currently on 3.6-7)

When I set up replication of a share with no data in it the replication succeeds and I see a new share on the receiving side. However if a write a few MBs of data (via NFS) into the sending share the replication fails. I set a 10 minute RPO, is that too agreesive. Are there any logs that would be of interest.

BTW. Send/Receive via ssh seems to be pretty stable in btrfs between arch linux boxes.

I have exactly the same problem … is replication not working with 3.6-7 ?

Thanks for starting this discussion. Replication does work in 3.6-7. I use it actively for several shares on my personal Rockstor box. Occasionally, I see a failed send, but the next one succeeds.

10 minute replication frequency is not aggressive. If you can provide some more information, I’d be happy to help.

There are two log files for replication: /opt/rockstor/var/log/{supervisord_replication_stdout.log, supervisord_replication_stderr.log} If you can send the sender and receiver side log files, I’ll take a look. You can email them to

Also, on the sender side web-ui, if you click on “last backup” column, it will take you to the send trail of a particular share. If you hover on the ! icon in the status column, it will tell you the error.

let me know, happy to help!

Someone sent logs and I really appreciate it. I am guessing that person is not gps1539 as the logs showed failure on full replication and not incremental and it looks like that user never got a successful replication. Here’s the issue for the bug I tracked down from the sent logs. -


Just want to close loop on this topic. All github issues detailed and referenced are resolved and closed in subsequent Rockstor releases. Thank you for helping with this issue.