Replication Issues

Seems replication needs some work still, essentially the initial replication of a large share failed and now I’m stuck with a snapshot share I can’t delete from shares.

Rockstor 3.91-1

Ideally replication needs the ability to force start it now and also needs some work around recovering from a failed replication

Houston, we’ve had a problem.
Unknown client error doing a DELETE to /api/shares/.snapshots/ABxxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxx-xxxxxxxx_Backup1/Backup1_1_replication_1/force

I removed UUID but otherwise that’s the message

I’m starting to suspect the share name having the .snapshots is tripping up the webUI.

@suman Is the unable to delete the share from a failed replication a bug?

I deleted the subvolume from the command line and just gave up on replication it seems to need perfect network conditions which really only makes it suitable for LAN use, It was Far easier to setup 2 identical shares and have syncthing handle the actual syncing part.

Then I use Snapshots (hidden) on each machine incase I get a bad sync