Request app android

hi i am sorry i am new user for rockstor and i find it really good software NAS after OMV.
But i just ask if there is app for android just for check the server from phone.

@dil3mm4 Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Not at the moment but you could use the normal browser access. However an Android app is planned for the future and I, as the current project maintainer, intend to release an ‘official’ app in the future and have done some Android development in the past. But much has changed, as usual, since I last programmed for the Android platform so that, and the fact that we are very busy with on ongoing move to being ‘Based on openSUSE’ means an ‘official’ Android app is not going to be out any time soon unfortunately. See how you get on with the Web-UI, method. It is far from ideal but should work on more modern faster phones.

Thank for your interest and apologies we don’t yet have this rather nice facility. But hopefully in time we can get this sorted.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for answer me and explain. we will wait.
Good work


Thanks, and it is worth trying the web interface on the phone as it does scale, at least a bit.

Can I ask when will move all on openSuSe?

@dil3mm4 Hello again.

We can’t know exactly as it depends on many factors and moving parts but we are aiming to release, in our Stable Channel, rpms for a ‘Build on Leap 15.2’ effort and hope shortly there after to also release an ISO installer. But quite a few more things to do before that.

If you fancy helping with the testing we do have the following available:

But do read carefully as still early days and we have no installer for this so you have to configure several parts of a Leap 15.1 / Leap 15.2 server install.

We will announce here on the forum when we do a new Stable release ‘Built on openSUSE’.

Hope that helps.