[Request] Icecast2 Rockon

I’ve successfully moved my LMS and Jellyfin servers off Pi and onto my Rockstor box, using Rockons. The only thing that’s remaining is Icecast2: any takers for creating a Rockon?


I guess, the question would be which is a “current” docker, it doesn’t appear that there is an official one. The ones with most pulls seem to be these?
This one seems to have a regular automated build.


and this one has 10K+ downloads but not much information


Just out of curiousity, if you’re using LMS and Jellyfin, what do you use Icecast2 for, is that an additional streaming channel you distribute that you don’t do via LMS?


A good question indeed, and to be honest if it never appears as a Rock-on, I can keep it on Pi no problem.
As for its use, well my current little project is to take the analogue output of my turntable, use Darkice to send it to Icecast2 which broadcasts it as a http stream over my lan to LMS and other devices. It may be overkill, but its fun learning this stuff.
And yes, any audiophile will hunt me down for suggesting such a setup lol.

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@GeoffA - that’s very interesting. I guess, if your A/D conversion if of high enough quality before streaming you might be safe from the audiophile community as long as you promise to occasionally listen to the turntable output on an analog system with the volume set to 11. :slight_smile:

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@Hooverdan I feel a Spinal Tap moment coming on :slight_smile:

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