[Request] Rockon Jdownloader

I would like to swap from UnRaid to rockstor but there are a few dockers that arent available on Rockstor that is stopping me from the transition. Can someone please create a Jdownloader rock-on?



This would be really nice… i´ve used the docker plugin of headless Jdownloader2 in OMV some time ago :wink:

Hello there, I don’t know if some of you still need it, but I wrote a .json file for Jdownloader 2 using jlesage Jdownloader 2 docker image.

MyJdownloader works properly and you can access JDownloader via Web using the port 5800 (it works properly using that port but I did not try using another one). MyJdownloader port is 3129 and you must use that port for what I tried.

Is the first time I wrote a Rockon so use it at you own risk. At least it works on my setup so I hope it works properly on others.

Just copy this on a .json file inside /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore If it doesn’t exist, just create it
“Jdownloader 2”: {
“containers”: {
“jdownloader2”: {
“image”: “jlesage/jdownloader-2”,
“launch_order”: 1,
“ports”: {
“5800”: {
“description”: “WebUI Port”,
“host_default”: 5800,
“label”: “Data Port”,
“protocol”: “tcp”,
“ui”: true
“3129”: {
“description”: “MyJdownloader Port”,
“host_default”: 3129,
“label”: “MyJdownloader Port”,
“protocol”: “tcp”
“volumes”: {
“/config”: {
“description”: “Choose a Share for configuration. Eg: create a Share called jdownloader-config for this purpose alone.”,
“label”: “Config Storage”,
“min_size”: 1073741824
“/output”: {
“description”: “Share where all the downloads will be”,
“label”: “Data Storage”
“environment”: {
“PUID”: {
“description”: "UID to run Jdownloader ",
“label”: “UID”,
“index”: 1
“PGID”: {
“description”: “Enter a valid GID to use along with the same UID. It(or the above UID) must have full permissions to all Shares mapped in the previous step.”,
“label”: “GID”,
“index”: 2
“description”: “JDownloader 2 Rock-On using jlesage docker”,
“ui”: {
“https”: false,
“slug”: “”
“volume_add_support”: true,
“website”: “https://github.com/jlesage/docker-jdownloader-2”,
“version”: “1.0”


hi im kind of new in the rockstor nas adventure can u help me , i dont know how to intall ur rock-on .
there is a step-by-step way to do it ?. Thanks in advance for ur help .

@ror Welcome to the Rockstor community.

If @DarkYamik or anyone else would like to create a pull request on our rockon-registry of @DarkYamik above proposed JDownloader Rock-on then the following instructions for testing proposed (GitHub pull requests) Rock-ons would work:

So hopefully someone can step up to this last push and we can get @DarkYamik work properly tested and integrated.

Thanks for your interest in this, I imagine it would make for a nice addition to Rockstor’s current Rock-on selection.

Welcome to Rockstor community @ror !

You can go to the directory /opt/rockstor and create a new folder called rockons-metastore,
after this you have to create a new file called jdownloader2.json and copy all the text from my last post.

Or if you prefer, as indicated by @phillxnet I created a pull request on github where you can directly download the file and copy it to the folder that you created before

Link to the branch

The file is called Jdownloader2.json :smiley:


@DarkYamik Thanks for submitting the pull request.

I’ve labelled it as ‘needs review’ and now it’s a pull request we can hopefully attract one.

Linking to it here for convenience:

@ror If you are up for testing out @DarkYamik pull request it would be most helpful if you could report your findings.

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Wow , nice . It works like a charm. I’m Really happy with it. It keeps all the functionalities of the basic program I just need to send the links with my android apk and voila with my 60 megabits/s I get an healthy 8.3 mb/s download speed to my NAS .

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