Reset password to access server

So I forgot the login I used to access the server. The web page says to use the command /opt/rockstor/bin/pwreset to reset the password, but I can login to reset the password.

Hello @tobb555 You need to use the “root” user and password you setup during Rockstor install and use it on a local console (ie keyboard and monitor on the Rockstor machine) or via ssh from another machine eg from a linux or OSX machine in terminal:- ssh root@rockstor-ip-here and I believe putty is a popular windows ssh client program. This then gives you a root terminal that you can use to execute the /opt/rockstor/bin/pwreset programs to reset your admin users password.

I’ve created a core issue so that this message might be considered for improvement.
I have also created a docs issue so that they might also be improved in this regard.

Hopefully this procedure will be clearer in releases to come.

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I guess if I forgot my root password too Im screwed then? Ive tried everything I can think it could be but its not letting me login.

@tobb555 There’s still hope! I’ve just updated the documentation describing how to reset root password. It’s pretty simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. You can read it here.

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@suman I finally got enough time to try it out and it worked great. The only thing I had to do different then your article was at the kernel selection screen I had to press C to get to the command prompt. It might be because I’m using ESXi, but it wouldn’t boot off the ISO right off the start. I know the ISO boots and works correctly because its the one I used to install Rockstor with from the start.

This is only half my issues. I was having issues connecting to Samba, now the server is telling me
"BTRFS: Failed to read system array on sdc"
“BTRFS: open_ctree failed”

When I try to connect to that share over samba its saying its only 10GB when its really 3, 3TB in a RAID 5. It was working great till the other day when it just seemed to stop.

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/opt/rockstor/bin/pwreset username password

saved me

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