Reset root password - rockstor built on openSUSE installer


I tried to reset my root password according to these instructions:
But on my openSUSE” Kiwi-ng created installer there is no Troubleshoot option:

How can i do that?

@vtzsolt Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

Yes, we have an outstanding issue to update that doc section here:

In that issue @Hooverdan provides the current work-around. Just be sure to retrieve a matching version of the rescue CD indicated by @Hooverdan in that issue to the version of Leap your install is based on.

Hope that helps.


@phillxnet Thank you for your reply.
I’ve tried the mentioned solution but unfortunately did not worked for me.

After that I tried the single user mode method and I successfuly reset my root password.
In grub I used “e” to edit the menu
At the end of line that begins with “linux” appended this text : init=/bin/bash

Pressed F10 and booted into emergency mode
Remounted the root file-system:
mount -o remount,rw /
Reseted the password:


@vtzsolt Glad you got this sorted.

Thanks for sharing your work-around here, we definitely need to get those docs updated with know working (and easy) methods.

Nice find re the init kernel boot mode: ideally we want something way less fiddly than that but if it works - all good.