Reset service configuration to default

Some time ago, @Hooverdan brought up the idea of providing an easy way to reset the configuration of a Service to its default configuration (or unconfigured state depending on the Service in question):

This feature is a “definitely-needed” enhancement for our Services system and one that would almost be necessary for my current work (Add Tailscale integration · Issue #2679 · rockstor/rockstor-core · GitHub). For these reasons, I’m thinking of addressing that next but would like feedback from our community on the most sensible and user-friendly way to do so. I would thus appreciate if I could get constructive and helpful feedback below.

The best way to implement this “configuration reset for 1 service” that I can think of would be a simple button for each Service. Clicking this button would turn off the service in question and reset its configuration in the database to its default, as if it had never been configured. What I’m wondering is how to best present/integrate such button in Rockstor’s UI.

As a reminder, that page currently looks like:

Option A

Add another icon next to the little wrench icon (used to configure a Service) that would do such reset. Clicking that button would bring a confirmation pop-up to make sure one doesn’t reset a service’s configuration by mistake.

Option B

Add a big button labeled “Reset configuration” in the Service configuration window, with a red background or something like that. Clicking that button would bring a confirmation pop-up to make sure one doesn’t reset a service’s configuration by mistake.

What would be people’s preference?

  • Option A
  • Option B
  • Other? Please describe…

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Option B sounds good. Another idea would be to add a new column to the current table to the far right (next to the status column) and adding a reset button with confirmation dialog there.


Thanks to all who participated :slight_smile:

Based on that feedback, I’ll go ahead with option B and make a button in the service’s configuration modal.

@stitch10925, yes… that did cross my mind. I was worried it would make the page a bit too busy and distracting because I had a big red button in mind for each Service so that’s why I didn’t originally include it. It’s true that we do have quite the real estate on that page when compared to what we display but I do think it’s important to keep it as simple as possible. For instance, I’m starting to even wonder if using a DataTable for the list of Services is overkill… it does bring some level of inflexibility with it and I wonder if it’s really worth it. What’s the proportion of users who alter the sorting order, or filter by name, for instance? By curiosity, do you? Maybe worth thinking about for later, once we’re have our technical debt sorted out.


Uhm, no, actually I have never used that feature. I didn’t even realize it was possible until you mentioned it.


And TBH I never realised that. Mind you, the services list is probably the least likely place for me to be. Once all set up and working, its the dashboard for me on occasion - its been like that for a while now :slight_smile: