Resizing shares not possible with non-zero digit values after floating point


3.8.14 (stable)


Trying to “increase” share sizes for my media_pool from what was displayed before, i hit some issue with _validate_share_size function implemented in views/


Previously, all the shares on this pool showed some 8.46TB which was nonsense given that the underlying media_pool is only 5.46TB in size:


It won’t let me enter 5.46 as a new value with unit TB though:

5.00 was accepted, by the way; and 2.00GB on rockstor_storageserver worked fine as well:


User being able to resize a share to the full extend of available pool space, which usually isn’t an “clean” value.


Non-integer values are supported during initial share creation, as i observed for some others i created on a fresh pool lately; just not when resizing. I.e. when using the “set share size” slider - here, a user can max out up to the full pool size. Like my two repo_ shares on repo_pool, as shown.