Revert to 'Stable' after updating to 'Testing' without reinstall


I installed Rockstor a few days ago, & have been slowly populating my shares. All seems well except this one problem I have detailed on another post [1], but that’s for discussing over in that thread.

During the process of installing & getting started, I selected & updated to the ‘Testing’ branch of the update repos, and would now like to change to the ‘Stable’ branch. I don’t know if this is possible, being that I’ve already updated to ‘Testing’.

If I switch over & get a ‘Stable’ subscription, would my RockStor revert to all ‘Stable’ packages? What’s the recommended way to go about this? I really don’t want to reinstall, as I’d waste days worth of file transfers.

Please advise.




You can reinstall Rockstor and not loose your data. I have learned this lesson several times. As for switching to the stable tree, I can only assume once you switched over to Stable you would just pick up where you left off. I doubt it would go back to any previous versions.

Thanks @tobb555, you are right. Once you activate the Stable channel, you’ll no longer see testing updates. When the next stable update is out, you can just apply it. Hope that answers your question @wetyourself. and thanks for considering to purchase the subscription, much appreciate the support!