RIAD 5/6, still not recommended?

just curious as i see this raid 5/6 was implemented in 2016 and was not recommend for use but now in 2020 how is it this is the only software that does everything i want but only this is a huge caveat if i can not rely on raid 5/6 then im back to the drawing board has any one used it with/without issue?

As far as I know: no, it still is not recommended, both because of the write hole issue and because parity RAID is horribly resource-intensive in case of a rebuild. I had pretty much the same question a while ago: see here. That being said, there are plenty of folks who are running RAID5 or 6, and as long as your array hums along, it hums along, so to speak. It’s a matter of deciding what matters more to you.

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looking at this seems to be a power loss issue wher i live power is very stable and i have a 3000 ups that can run my server for 3 hours then triggers a remote start generator so not to worried if that the main problem with the raid and is typically a issue with any software raid

There’s also btrfs raid1c3 and C4 that will hopefully be possible when the OpenSUSE version of Rockstor is released. Might be worth looking into.

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